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Doug Stewart wrote:
> On 4/24/07, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
>> (I can vouch its not Outlook [which is the best email client, honestly]
> I would loooooove to have a bit of what you're smoking, honestly.  *grin*

Don't want to start a war or anything, but honestly, Office 2007 is just
great. Especially Outlook.

I'm a hard-core Windows programmer that loves Linux. The whole time I'm
in my LFS or in Ubuntu, the one (and only) thing I miss from Windows is

Thunderbird is weak (even with extensions), buggy, and only a mail client.
Evolution isn't even on-par with Outlook XP.
KMail is very disjoint and unorganized - and very buggy.

Outlook gives me a ton of features (and I disable the bloat like HTML
and stuff), has a most-wonderful interface, is very easy to use, has a
ton-load of options (yes, more than Thunderbird), and works great out of
the box.

With Thunderbird, I can't even make it close the original message when I
hit "Reply" or "Forward" - I have to send the first email, then go back
and close the old window.

Hell, Thunderbird doesn't even have an outbox! I have to keep each
window open as it establishes a connection to the remote server for
every message.

Evolution doesn't even have a new mail notification pop-up! And none of
those programs even dock to the system tray - I have to use a separate
program just to add that basic functionality (KDocker).

I hate how Thunderbird insists on filling up half of my composition
screen with useless ULTRA HUGE IN-YOUR-FACE 4 lines for the "mail-to"
list... WTF is up with that?

Linux is great and is (at the moment) my favorite OS, but until it gets
simple things like a decent blog editor [1] and a _real_ PIM (not just
email) client that works well, looks great, is intuitive, has tons of
options, and just works, it'll never reach 50% of the business market OS

[1]: http://neosmart.net/blog/2007/wysiwyg-linux-blogging-clients/

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