[wp-hackers] Adding A CSS Loader

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Tue Apr 24 10:21:29 GMT 2007

Jamie Holly wrote:
> I just spent the weekend on a couple of sites I manage going through plugins
> and stripping out all the CSS so it can all be contained within 1 file.
> Considering the number of plugins using their own style rules, I was
> thinking that perhaps we could take another lesson from something Drupal has
> done recently and works great - A CSS loader. 

glad to see that someone else shares my view :-): 

> Basically we would create a function, add_css('stylesheet_location'), or
> something similar. This would store all the css files in an array which
> would be dumped out with the proper format during the head call. What this
> would also allow is for us to create a caching mechanism for all the CSS
> files. Basically we could have Wordpress combine all the CSS files into a
> master CSS file and then save that file in the cache directory. This would
> reduce the number of calls to the server to load X number of style sheets
> from each plugin that requires them.

the current javascript loader is a better model; CSS files can also 
depend on each other (the loading order is important).

Combining the files, while it doesn't lower the server load*, it can 
reduce load times a lot; if you have Firebug installed, load a page that 
has several CSS and Javascript files and go to the net tab to see what I 
mean: the stuff in the <head> section of the page is not multi-threaded, 
they are loaded in sequence, and nothing else is loaded before the 
<head> is done; lots of CSS and JS files to load means lots of HTTP 
requests, and while pipelining in the browser can help reduce the 
delays, you still get a lot of communication overhead.
> We shouldn't have any legacy issues with this really, as those could still
> require upon the head hook to inject their CSS (same applies to dynamic CSS
> files). It would also require themes remove the CSS from their header.php
> file for this to work, but if they don't then there is no problem, it will
> just fallback to the current method. Since the theme's CSS file will also
> remain stored with the theme, we can also continue to utilize the head
> section of the CSS file for theme information.

yeah, as long as the themes run wp_head after they load their stuff; it 
wouldn't hurt to strongly advise theme (and plugin) authors to use the 
provided loaders in the future (perhaps release them as a (default) 
plugin for 2.0.x), since it would make life a lot easier for plugin 
authors (some themes load prototype/jQuery/mootools/whatever, a plugin 
shouldn't load the corresponding library a second time; plugin CSS is 
usually better loaded after the theme CSS, but there may be exceptions, 

my .02€

* as someone noted, you have a script call + a bunch of filesystem hits; 
caching would reduce the filesystem accesses to two, but you still have 
the script execution overhead

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