[wp-hackers] Adding A CSS Loader

Alan J Castonguay alan at verselogic.net
Mon Apr 23 22:00:17 GMT 2007

Otto wrote:
> While that is an admirable goal, we're most likely talking about
> static files here, no? Unless the CSS is dynamically generated, you're
> just reading files, cat-ing them together, and shoving them to the
> browser.
> The benefit: You don't have multiple hits to the site for these files.
> The cost: You do have a script call which is going to read all these
> files from disk and serve it up to the browser as one combined thing.
> The fact that you have even a single script call negates the benefit
> of not having multiple server hits, IMO. Apache is really, really,
> *really* good at serving static files. And modern versions of Apache
> and browsers will combine all those requests into one single server
> hit, by using a persistent connection. So no extra connection overhead
> to worry about, really. Or not much anyway.
And this 'streamlined css cache' starts back a little, considering that 
you'd also have to handle conditional-get requests, or end up wasting 
bandwidth serving un-changed pages.

Alan J Castonguay

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