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Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Mon Apr 23 21:43:23 GMT 2007

Sorry, folks, my first message was meant to be private.  (Outlook helpfully changed the To: back to the list address when I changed my sending account.)

Guru, you were right on...thanks!  (And thanks for making such a cool plug-in, Mark!)

-- Charles

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> Mark,
> I've just installed Kramer, which looks awesome.
> I get the error "Cannot load kramer.php" when I click "Update Options".  I
> found a few other citations of this, including a Trac ticket that's been
> open for two years.

I had that error for a while too...
Delete all other Kramer-related files but kramer.php and stick it in
wp-includes/plugins/ directly; i.e. no subdirectory: plugins/kramer.php
then it'll work :)

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