[wp-hackers] Reactivate All Plugins

Leonid Mamchenkov leonid at mamchenkov.net
Mon Apr 23 20:02:34 GMT 2007

On 4/23/07, Jeremy Visser <jeremy.visser at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think "Deactivate Plugins" and "Reactivate Plugins" would suffice.
> >
> > Since the program is doing, logically, what you'd expect it to do, any
> > further explanation would just complicate the matter.
> Or perhaps "Deactivate 7 Plugins" and "Reactivate 7 Plugins" depending
> on the number that were activated?

I like the one with numbers better.  Kind of gives the exact idea of
what it is about to do.

Leonid Mamchenkov

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