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Jamie Holly wrote:
> My original post was that we could use the new method to then add a caching
> mechanism to have WP combine all CSS files into one "master" CSS file that
> could be generated and stored/called from a server writeable directory (ie -
> cache or uploads). That way when you got a bunch of plugins working off this
> system, instead of having all those make additional server requests for
> their independent CSS file, a single CSS file would load. Of course we would
> have to look at options, such as enabling/disabling the caching and a cache
> delete function for plugin updates. 
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Whether you employ a caching layer or not really make a difference at
that point.

Unless these are dynamically generated (MySQL-based) CSS files (highly
unlikely), then the benefit from the actual caching is close to null;
especially because everything else that matters is still dynamic. That
and the fact that simply doing

text1 .= text2;

..doesn't really take up much of anything! ;)

However, you are correct: it would cut the number of separate loads to
the server, which would result in faster page loads - BUT not any less
load on the server (realistically speaking).

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