[wp-hackers] DB options table; useless columns?

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Apr 23 13:02:14 GMT 2007

Thanks Matt, That explains it.

The upgrade plan *could* specify that a column gets deleted, i dont know  
if thats currently in there, and it'd only be used to delete specific  
columns that WP used, and threw away.
IT'd not be set to just kill anu user columns.
Yes, Those columns are created in a new install of WP.

My guess is that its legacy, If there are plugins, or hacks still in use  
today which reference those columns, and they're installed on a WP install  
without those columns, its more likely the user will have strange error  
messages from WP, they may not understand what they're on about, they just  
wanted to use that functioanlity from this plugin from the dark ages...

Apologies for not replying to the list earlier, Turns out the list  
software silently rejects emails coming from unknown email addresses, and  
what would you know, i've been sending with the wrong email (Yet it still  
apears locally as a reply); Shame its not possible to bounce messages  
which have a valid "In-Reply-To" header, yet unknown email address? I  
understand why it discards(spam), but its anoying for those who dont  
notice they're using the wrong address.

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