[wp-hackers] Absolute vs. relative URLs

Burobjorn burobjorn at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 13:48:25 GMT 2007

I agree with Leonid absolute urls being a nuisance and felt the same 
pain with the deployment of some of my clients' sites.

Perhaps somebody can explain the benefits of using absolute urls instead 
of relative ones? I would be willing to help out with making urls into 
relative ones, but would like to know first what the arguments are for 
using absolute ones.


Leonid Mamchenkov wrote:
> Dear All,
> It seems that quite a few people suggested to use relative URLs in
> WordPress instead of absolute.  I've even seen some patches here and
> there (Trac).  But the status of the issue is not clear.
> What is happening with this?
> Absolute URLs is about the biggest problem in our
> development/deployment process for our customer's web sites.  Since
> most of them already have web sites online, we can't develop under the
> target domain.  We use a different host instead, and after everything
> is done and ready, we have to change the 'home' and 'siteurl' values
> in wp_options, 'guid' in wp_posts, and do a search-and-replace through
> the text of all pre-set posts and pages ('About us', 'Contact us', and
> whatever else the customer might have requested).
> While we managed to somewhat automate the process, it's still error
> prone and doesn't work very well in some situations, such as, for
> example, several domains per web site.

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