[wp-hackers] Looking for WP Architecture Docs or DFDs, if available

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Fri Apr 20 12:53:32 GMT 2007

Tariq Murtaza wrote:
> Any idea which files handles permalinks for WP?

If you want to get into that level of WP development, you are going to 
have to do some work. I suggest (as someone else already did) starting 
by looking through this page and actually reading the documentation it 
links to:
and also:

There are documents listed on those two pages that describe a lot of 
the functionality of WordPress. For permalinks specifically, this 
guide (linked to on the Dev Doc page) should help you get started:

But you are going to have to read the PHP source code if you really 
want to understand deeply what WordPress is doing.


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