[wp-hackers] 2.2 release

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 18:29:31 GMT 2007

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Let's create a 2.2 branch and start removing the current tagging 
> implementation. I'll announce on my blog that 2.2 will be delayed.
> Based on how long it takes to extract and test a tag-free 2.2 we'll 
> aim for either the 30th or May 7th best case, depending on how many 
> people help out with the process. Ryan will also look at bringing back 
> widgets as an easy, tested, and already-popular feature that will sex 
> up the release.
> I think trunk should start experimenting with the new taxonomy 
> proposal on the list, which has the potential to do some really neat 
> things, but I think it's also going to introduce a lot of complexity 
> and need testing beyond the window for 2.2. Pushing it to 2.3 will 
> allow it more breathing room and for us not to rush a pretty critical 
> building block of WP going forward.

Just as long as the Trunk keeps in the tags, and will move forward with 
the new taxonomy proposal. It sounds good to me. ;) :)

/I just don't want to flush all those man hours of trying to adjust 800+ 
tags from UTW to WP tags down the commode! And that's not even ALL of my 
posts, that's just some of them. LOL!

- Create 2.2 branch, strip tags out. Test test test!! Release around 
April 30th, or May 7th.

- Bump Trunk to 2.3-developer-edition. (Ha! There's a nice name for it! 
:P Haha.) Keep tags, do taxonomy proposal (database rearrangements). 
Maybe add in *cough* better draft management system, revamped blogroll, 
permalink adjustment/deal, and whatever else?

Is that about right? :P


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