[wp-hackers] State of WP

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Tue Apr 17 21:42:26 GMT 2007

Doug Stewart wrote:
> Actually, this brings up a topic that I've been mulling over for a
> bit: "federated" WordPress installations.  Obviously, there will be
> security ramifications, but what if you had the capability of creating
> a TRUE network of WP blogs on separate servers, blended between MU and
> WP.org codebases?  It would be very handy in corporate environments,
> for sure, but if security was Done Right, you could even organize such
> a thing on the public Internet.*  And no, OpenID won't suffice, as
> that's just identity-, not capability-driven.
> What if there were a SOAP/XML-RPC-esque interface wherein federated
> blogs could phone the authoritative server and request user
> capabilities, profile information, etc.?  Think of the
> possibilities...
> *Of course, the security considerations would be decidedly monstrous.
> Potentially so monstrous as to make the whole endeavor infeasible.  In
> which case, these aren't the droids you're looking for.  This email
> never existed.

You could use the wpOpenID plugin to set up your federation.


The only thing missing is the ability to use your WP login as an OpenID 
for other servers. Someone made that work on WordPress MU though, so the 
code for it must be around somewhere.

Kevin N.

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