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termite wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Tue Apr 17 05:51:37 GMT 2007

Hello Everyone :-)

Overall I do agree with Jamie and the KISS principle is always key. In G2 (not that it's a reference or anything), we are doing the tags much like what Jamie explained and it's proven VERY performing so far.

We have 1 table that had the tags (tagID & tagName) and another table that does the mapping between the tags and then item being tagged.

It seems simplistic at first but overall it makes the all thing perform and I can tell you how much it's critical that things scale in todays world .... everybody is after fetting more hist, more post, more tags , well more .. so it's not efficient, people tends to look at other solutions/alternatives.

So teh design originally proposed seem to have a couple things to change (from my point of view :-)):

- I would not repeat the taxonomy field
- I would only use 2 tables (not three)
- I would try not to keep the non-tags with the tags.

Is it not more efficient in terms of coding to have a table that sole purpose is to hold tags ? this way a simple SELECT * gets all you need and only that :-)

Anyways, I just wanted to add a couple thoughs to the mix, I hope they help a bit :-)


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