[wp-hackers] should (can?) wp-cache be adopted into the core?

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Apr 17 02:57:23 GMT 2007

there's been on-and-off issues with it, and while I applaud Ricardo on 
his time and effort taking Staticize Reloaded and bringing it forward 
into the new generation of WP, he's admitted to be overloaded and unable 
to keep it up to date and I think was asking for someone to take it 
over.  I'd claim that wp-cache is one of the most critical plugins out 
there for anyone with even a moderate level of traffic, and that having 
it not being properly attended to, updated, heck even improved, is going 
to become a 'critical issue' to many folks out there.  And I think it 
needs to be closer to the action.

Opinions?  Matt?  (since I think staticize was your baby originally, no?)

Any reasons it shouldn't be in the core (even if it's kept as a 
plugin...), while the object-caching approach IS?  Note that object 
caching has, in the past, shown to be detrimental to performance on the 
average shared hosting setup -- though on dedi setups, with APC or 
memcached and/or php bytecode caching, I could imagine setups where the 
object cache could beat out the wp-cache 'php page' caching system.  I 
run on shared for cost+stability management, I'd run on a VPS if my site 
really took off again.. ;)

Just with all the discussion of things like tagging systems, adding new 
features, it seems that the management of staticize/wp-cache is really 
important to the community as an 'old feature' (in a sense), that aside 
from antispam stuff is one of the first recommended things to install 
for a successful site.



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