[wp-hackers] postmeta table

Denis de Bernardy denis at mesoconcepts.com
Tue Apr 17 00:42:19 GMT 2007

> Matt Mullenweg said:
> Caching things in postmeta makes me uncomfortable, it seems like the 
> main benefit is that it's auto-loaded with posts, but then 
> again so are 
> categories. Are you suggesting we move everything attached to 
> posts into 
> postmeta? It also seems like it would be a waste if the 
> object cache was 
> turned on.

One thing that has tickled me from the very beginning in WP is this: Given
that the stuff in postmeta is mostly serialized and unqueriable any, why not
use a postmeta field in the posts table with all of the serialized related
to the post in it?


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