[wp-hackers] WP Developer Edition

deko deko822 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 21:42:49 GMT 2007

> Definitely an idea worth investigating.  A more sophisticated first time
> install that could activate and deactivate required features sounds quite
> interesting.

Well, the idea of different versions went over like a lead zeppelin :)

Perhaps install options might get a warmer reception - sort of like core-level 
plug-ins.  Someone suggested WP and WPMU could be consolidated this way.

One advantage would be the ability to quickly toggle off any unforseen 
bugs/security issues introduced with a new option/feature.

>> So you're suggesting having the plug-in add/remove tables on
>> activation/deactivation?  I'm curious how other plug-ins do this.  Anyone
>> of any examples?
> Sure. As mentioned, some plugins do this already.  It's pretty much the same
> thing as what many themes do with metadata.  And it's a heck of a lot better
> than having people go in and tweak the DB themselves.  Imagine a plugin
> that's linked with a GeoIP table.  A complete plugin isn't going to have the
> user go out get all of the data and import it into the database.  It's going
> handle it all and should have a way to remove that large amount of data too.
> But you wouldn't want it to remove it when the plugin is simply disabled.
> It should be a separate function.  With that in mind, maybe you now have a
> foundation for your "Advanced WordPress Master Suite" of plugins.

I'm hoping to learn from Chris' plug-in that adds/removes tables.

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