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Chris chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 16 16:24:18 GMT 2007

The plugin I have written adds 4 more tables on activation. - (CREATE if 
not exists etc),
It then allows import of csv data into those tables.
It does not remove the tables on de-activation, but has an "un-install 
data" option in the admin menu page
Seems to work ok.

deko wrote:
>>> Can we offer two or three different versions of WP?  Such as "Basic",
>>> "Advanced", and "Developer Edition"?
>> It's an open source product.  There can be as many versions of the 
>> project
>> as anyone wants to maintain.  But that's the rub.  I'm not so sure 
>> you'll
>> get buy in for maintaining a whole secondary version, meant only to 
>> add more
>> advanced features than what is in the main path.  If you could ensure 
>> that
>> you'll maintain that version from here on out, you certainly could 
>> make a
>> Developers edition and it might catch on.
> Sort of like "physician, heal thyself".  But I think WP is taking on 
> new dynamics as a mainstream app.  The challenge is to accommodate 
> bleeding-edge developers as well as pedestrian-level users.
>> However, what might be even better is taking a look at the 
>> enhancements you
>> want, and offering them to the trac in a way that integrates them 
>> into the
>> current WP core.  If you can do that, can present your enhancements 
>> in a way
>> that proves their benefit to a significant portion of the community, 
>> and if
>> you submit clean code that performs this addition, there's a good chance
>> that your code changes will be included in the core.  You could even 
>> include
>> a switch that enables your 'Advanced' interface.  At that point, no 
>> one is
>> maintaining two products, but one product with more features.  That's 
>> a much
>> better world.
> One thing I've learned when adding non-request-specific features is to 
> always include an "off" switch.  Perhaps some features could be 
> toggled on install. This would maintain version singularity while 
> letting users opt out of stuff they don't want.
>> Tie in your extra fields as tables keyed off of the core tables.
>> That will give you forward compatiblity.
> So you're suggesting having the plug-in add/remove tables on 
> activation/deactivation?  I'm curious how other plug-ins do this.  
> Anyone know of any examples?
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