[wp-hackers] WP Developer Edition

deko deko822 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 11:30:30 GMT 2007

Can we offer two or three different versions of WP?  Such as "Basic", 
"Advanced", and "Developer Edition"?

I was working on a category enhancement plug-in and was considering modifying 
the category table when I came to my senses: anything I did would become 
unmanageable in future releases when the schema changes.  Still, the problem 
remains - I need more fields in the category table.

If there were a Developer Edition that included a "utility" table with 
supporting code constructs, that would make my life easier.

And many of the advanced features that a vocal minority wants could be bundled 
in an "Advanced Edition".  This would allow for a more stable "Basic Edition" as 
the common choice for most bloggers. 

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