[wp-hackers] Grab a seat. On Delaying 2.2, separating tables

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Mon Apr 16 06:24:33 GMT 2007

That sounds awesome to me :)

I've been worrying about my site, I run it from the trunk at all times
(scary, I know) - and just yesterday I deleted UTW from it and switched to
WP22's tags instead. This method would minimize risk and be good all around.


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> Matt, I have not seen your statements on this matter sway a single
> person. The other committing devs have come out against releasing with
> tags on the 2.2 milestone date.
> The correctness of any one implementation of tags is not the subject
> here. It's the development process.
> To include a premature feature in an on-time release degrades the
> quality of the product. I refer to not only the code but the state of
> the community. Increments are supposed to be in the direction of
> better, not merely more. Better would be to release on-time with a
> modest set of stable upgrades.
> To block release while the one new feature gets sorted out would be a
> maladjustment of priorities. If 2.2 seems light on sex appeal, so be
> it. Better to keep the release date as promised.
> Proposed plan of action:
> Don't touch trunk. Leave trunk out of this.
> Create a 2.2 branch, remove tags from it, ship 2.2-alpha.
> Andy
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