[wp-hackers] Re: A "terms" table

ozgreg wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Mon Apr 16 01:11:03 GMT 2007

I will chime in as well, as I would rather WP 2.2 get tags right the first time around because as Matt has already pointed out this topic has a LOT of interest, and I got a queue of people sweating on syncing the tags between Gallery2 and WP and the last thing I want is to release major tag functionality that is going to be broken or changed in the subsequent releases, I just do not have the time to play the catchup to WP codebase changes game.

On a personal note.. I still question the release frequently concept, constant upgrading is painful and I notice a large number of posters in my WPG2 forums are still on 2.0x which to me is an indication that I am not the only person feeling the same way.. 

I rather see a rock solid, well tested WP released twice a year than the more frequent releases..

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