[wp-hackers] A "terms" table

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 00:47:42 GMT 2007

Ryan Boren wrote:
> I think we must
> acknowledge that we will have to suffer two rounds of breakage if we
> leave 2.2 as is.  Maybe that's acceptable.  My inclination is to delay
> and get it right in 2.2, but I confess that I think too much like an
> engineer who always wants more time to, well, engineer. 
I agree. ;) :) I'd rather see 2.2's release date bumped, and given more 
time for the TLC it needs (tags/database reorganizing or whatever), 
rather then having another "rushed" ship job sigh... Handle the widgets, 
permalinks, *cough* better draft management system, and whatever else on 
next production cycle... :P


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