[wp-hackers] A "terms" table

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sun Apr 15 23:35:11 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> Or, we could pull the Tags out of Trunk, then release what's in Trunk as
> 2.1.4, then carry on resolving and working on all these problems that are
> coming up for 2.2, and release it in a month or 2...

I don't think we should change the semantics of a minor point release 
(2.x.x) to mean adding features.

Likewise if tagging isn't in 2.2, I'm not sure if it has enough sizzle 
to drive upgrades. The other sexy features were permalink redirection 
and widgets, and we axed both of those for 2.2 already.

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