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Sun Apr 15 17:45:08 GMT 2007

I disagree, I think it's very easy to separate the two:

Tags, Synonyms, Renaming Tags, Deleting Tags, Linking Tags to Technorati,
Tag Archive Pages == Features

Changing the way tags look, dynamic adding and removing of tags, allowing
end-users to tag pages, allowing end-users to change tags, ajax tagging
system, in-post tagging == Unnecessary

All IMHO, but I'm just going by what I've seen in the blogging world. 
Aaron, you manage the systems for a blogging network - wouldn't you agree
that features and bloat can be separated rather easily?

I wrote an article on "standardized" tagging a while back, and I the
comments there (mostly Slashdot users, blog engine developers, and Web 2.0
startups based on tagging) pretty much sum-up what tagging is all about -
and address some of the difficulties in concept though the code would be
almost impossible to develop:

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> I'll meet the rest of you in the middle and say that I like the idea
> of using the schema. At that point, UTW is so feature rich to almost
> be the antithesis of what WordPress is (and I am proud to have used
> 'antithesis' in a sentence!). So if we want to build from the schema,
> I'd be on board for that. But it will be hard, after that, to
> separate feature from bloat and still maintain UTW's... well
> UTWishness.
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> On Apr 15, 2007, at 1:18 PM, Robert Deaton wrote:
> > On 4/15/07, Aaron Brazell <abrazell at b5media.com> wrote:
> >> A big, whopping "Hell No" from me. UTW is well respected, yes. It
> >> does many things, yes. However, in recent months we've experienced
> >> the following problems:
> >>
> >> 1) Artificial pageview inflation
> >> 2) Broken Search
> >> 3) Tags eaten
> >> 4) Permalink issues
> >
> > And at the same time, UTW has never had the plethora of coders
> looking
> > over its source as it would if it were checked into WP proper. I for
> > one, would easily spend a bit of time running through the source
> > scanning for bugs or poor coding if UTW were to go into the tree. I
> > don't think its history can be reason for not adapting it into the WP
> > core. I mean, by that measure, we'd have to strip out WordPress
> itself
> > from WordPress. ;-).
> >
> >
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