[wp-hackers] UTW and WordPress

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I think you're missing my point though, Aaron...

S2C is a plugin that should be considered for inclusion. That's one thing.
But with UTW, we're *already* adding the same exact feature (tagging) to WP.
So I'm recommending using an already-existing platform vs. re-inventing the
(amateur) wheel.

I'm not saying: "Hey, XXX is a great plugin! Let's stick it in the core!"
I'm saying: "This new feature YYY we're adding - Plugin ZZZ does just that,
and it's done in a very mature and efficient manner. How about we use that


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> TWO of the four things were post-WP 2.1. I Just upgraded out network
> to 2.1 a month ago. The inflated pageviews and broken permalinks were
> 2.0.
> The way I see consideration for a plugin is by asking the question:
> Is it feature frozen and if so, how often are bugfixes released?
> If it's not feature frozen, it shouldn't be considered for the core
> unless its a new major version coming out. Ongoing development cycle
> for a plugin, while great for users, is not great for core
> consideration.
> Is there more than one b ugfix release a month? If so, it probably is
> not stable enough to be in the core?
> UTW is in constant release cycle and in February, there were 3 bug
> fix releases (granted 2.1 related btu why not have ONE bugfix release
> for 2.1?)
> A better candidate for core inclusion is Subscribe 2 Comments. I
> wonder why that still has not been at least bundled.
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> On Apr 15, 2007, at 12:24 PM, Computer Guru wrote:
> > Most - if not all - of those issues were caused by breakages due to
> WP
> > upgrades.
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