[wp-hackers] Javascript Library

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Fri Apr 13 10:41:35 GMT 2007

10/apr/07, Lloyd Budd:
> The discussions that I have heard / read supports that. Most recently
> I think it sounded like it was not all going to get done for 2.2
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3824 relates

I'm working on a sidebar-widget clone for the homepage , and the  
drag&drop interface is actually 99% compatible with its original  
interface, but in jquery. You can get a working alpha of that 'post  
widgets' on http://pixline.net/wphackers/postwidgets.zip , it's  
tested with bleeding and wpmu.

I'd love to release my plugin system alongside 2.2 (but I'm not  
really sure I can make it), but I think that sidebar interface is  
actually heavy compared to other admin areas. Because widget system  
isn't in the core, I'm wondering if converting it's interface would  
be a priority; in that case I'll be glad to work with someone on the  
new sidebar widget interface, because despite I've translated a  
javascript course, I really suck at js, expecially @ ajax :-)

Let me know if I can help

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