[wp-hackers] Page categories

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Thu Apr 12 15:31:49 GMT 2007

On Apr 12, 2007, at 11:11 AM, Gali wrote:

> I'm currently working on a WP integration (as a CMS) : the ability  
> to tag
> pages would be a great thing.

Tagging Pages makes more sense than categorizing them.  They're  
already in their own hierarchical structure.

Maybe when we look into Page searching we can look into Page tagging  
too, since they're sort of similar (would likely do two queries or do  
one query and move the Page results to their own WP_Query object so  
themes can present the page results in different ways (integrating  
Pages and Posts won't make sense for a lot of sites).

Mark Jaquith

Covered Web Services

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