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Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Apr 12 14:01:26 GMT 2007

Robert Deaton wrote:

> No, you can't, and this is intentional. Pages are meant to live
> outside the normal hierarchy of the blog. If placed in a category they
> would have to be displayed somehow when viewing the category, based on
> time or something, which definitely does not coincide with the purpose
> of a page.

Why would they have to be displayed? If the theme doesn't ask for them 
to be displayed as links or summaries, they won't be displayed. Near as 
I can tell, this is completely under the control of the theme, and if 
the theme wants to, it can display them. Clearly different sites have 
different requirements here, and different themes would behave 
differently. Some would show them sorted one way, some would show them 
sorted another, and some wouldn't show any links to them or summaries at 
all. They would only use explicit user provided links from other content.

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