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Tue Apr 10 18:02:21 GMT 2007

That's why WP has *always* offered an option to serve summaries - even back in 2.0.

The only difference now is, WP *always* serves summaries/teasers - and that's just plain stupid.

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> Computer Guru wrote:
> > I'm still appalled by the fact that WP 2.1 absolutely refuses to send
> the full content of articles, choosing to cut off after <!--more-->
> instead. How many people have to say that they refuse to read non-
> complete feeds for WP to realize that it needs a "full text" option, I
> don't know.
> >
> see, it appears that hardcore bloggers are very territorial about their
> ramblings and are afraid someone would "steal" their masterpieces
> through RSS (I've met that attitude in "artist" photographers, too,
> btw;
> I saw one that was extremely pissed off at a soccer fan that had put
> one
> of his (publicly available) photos on his favourite team's fan forum,
> although the poor kid had given him full credit and tons of praises)
> :o)
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