[wp-hackers] Editor button cusotmizations

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Apr 10 16:58:21 GMT 2007

Forking the main code base just to remove a couple of buttons!?

No need for drastic action: there are more than enough hooks in the post form to do whatever you like with the post box.

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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> The regular button bar for the non-WYSIWTG editor (b, i, link, b-quote,
> del, ins, etc.) doesn't work too well for me. There are some buttons
> there I never use and some missing tags I use all the time.
> Would it be plausible to modify this list with a plug-in? I.e are there
> sufficient hook to write a WordPress plug-in that changes these? Or
> would it require forking the main code base?
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