[wp-hackers] Consolidating database tables and other assorteditems

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Mon Apr 9 20:18:14 GMT 2007

>> something as heavy as MDB2/PearDB - it'll perform *better* since a hell
of a
>> lot of queries will be consolidated.
> I doubt that.  I seriously doubt that.  Especially because it makes it
> harder to perform the optimal joins for the current context.  Abstractions
> in the middleware defeat the value of the RDBMS.  That is just the way it
> in my experience.
> I would love to know why I am wrong.

Expanding upon a reference in an earlier post, I lump ODBC in with the rest
of these abstraction layers.  It is great for gaining easy access to
everything, but there's a cost in performance.  Has ODBC matured (the word
of the day) enough in the last decade or so, so that there's very little
cost to it?  Certainly, if you have native access, you should use it.  Am I
wrong in that?

Brian Layman

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