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It's not "special" really, it just does most everything you need.
It's slightly slower than MySQL on a per-query basis, but it'll take a load
MUCH MUCH better.

As far technology goes, everything MySQL has, PGSQL had years before. It
hasn't been as successful because of bad marketing mostly, but it's a really
swell and very very stable product.

I've had MySQL just die on me (on Windows..... of course) several times,
where for no reason what so ever, the service won't start though it debugs
just fine.. PGSQL is a more mature and less buggy product on the whole.

PGSQL is slower than Innodb but on-par (mostly) with MyISAM.... and it's
feature set is much much greater than MySQL's.

As for Oracle - *if* you can get it working right, it'll be wonderful. Using
it via ODBC is the best way to go about, since the native drivers for most
languages just don't cut it.

However, to be honest, I've found Oracle to be great with the JNDC Java
drivers and the .NET Connectors...

But Oracle isn't well suited for smaller sites because of the higher
maintenance costs associated... As a matter of fact, oracle has only just
started pimping their prouduct for small to mid-size sites - their biggest
business is from Fortune 500 companies, etc.

Oracle is best when it comes to server farms (think Google, Second Life...
aka HUGE), but I wouldn't recommend it for anything else. 

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> > In my testing with extremely heavy loads on limited hardware, Oracle
> and
> > MSSQL proved to be the most reliable - so long as the applications
> wereproperly coded (and
> > unfortunately, best performance was achieved using
> > non-ANSI SQL queries... :(
> I've not met anyone that was actually really happy with their Oracle
> system.
> They just sort of co-existed with it.  :)  I'm sure they are around, I
> just
> haven't bumped into them yet.
> > Anyway, PostgerSQL is a decent alternative that's similar enough to
> if
> > you're looking to port WPMU....
> That's one with which I have no experience or knowledge.  I don't know
> what
> makes it special.
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