[wp-hackers] State of WP

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 18:09:01 GMT 2007

Eh, the 32k files in a directory thing is false. Ext2, one of the
older of the linux filesystems, has a limit of well into the tens to
hundreds of trillions of files in its inode specification. Now, with
ext2 and some implementations, especially ones in older (like, OLDer
kernels), you might only be able to store a few thousand because it
used a link list structure that was tedious to loop through.

Regardless, any and all modern filesystems have inode structures that
will allow millions to trillions or more files in a directory.  The
32k limit was actually on subdirectories in a single directory, and
only under certain filesystems like ext2, newer ones including ext3
will not necessarily suffer the same limitations. Lucky for us, MySQL
doesn't make a new directory for each table. MySQL will do just fine.

--Robert Deaton

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