[wp-hackers] Consolidating database tables and other assorted items

Aaron Brazell abrazell at b5media.com
Mon Apr 9 12:10:43 GMT 2007

Two words. Ha ha... :-p
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On Apr 9, 2007, at 1:39 AM, Robert Deaton wrote:

> Over the past few months I've noticed an interest by the devs to
> consolidate data into as few tables as possible. Take for instance,
> link_categories, categories, and tags. Now, since these are all
> clearly exactly the same, its only logical that they go in the same
> table together, however I propose we take this a step further.
> Really, logically, all the data we store in the database is the same.
> Its all WordPress data, that's why I suggest we consolidate all tables
> into one table, wp_data. This table could have a type column that
> allows you to choose whether you want
> posts,postmeta,categories,link_categories,post2cat,options,users,userm 
> eta,
> etc.
> Now, the number of indexes on this table would probably end up being
> fairly large in order to keep our queries as blindingly efficient as
> they've always been. This means, unfortunately, that writes to the
> database would probably take some time because there would be so many
> indexes. That is why I propose a second table, wp_pending_writes, with
> a schema
> CREATE TABLE `wp_pending_writes` (
>  `pending_query` TEXT  NOT NULL,
> )

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