[wp-hackers] Re: Extending extend/plugins

Dan Kuykendall dan at kuykendall.org
Thu Apr 5 20:33:50 GMT 2007

Michael D Adams wrote:
> I'll work on getting the following straightened out:
> Consistency in number of downloads.
> The "Most Popular" list.  Maybe rank by number of downloads over the

These look like they are working now. Great job, thanks.

> past X months.
> Browse All


> Directory names in zips.

looking forward to this one ;)

> Sensible RSS feeds

Ahh, this is cool. Im guessing it will tie nicely into the update
checker that everyones talking about.

+ In the per tags, there appears to be no order. Im thinking its in
order of most recently added to oldest. It should either be alphabetical
or by download/popularity

> Michael

Thank you Michael, your doing a great job!
If theres anything I can do to  help, and code help I can offer, let me

Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

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