[wp-hackers] Re: Plugin Update Checker

ozgreg wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Wed Apr 4 04:08:17 GMT 2007

jswitzer at gmail.com wrote:
> By that I meant that I could click on something similar to Activate /
> Deactivate to upgrade the plugin. I believe I discussed this on the
> mailing-list at least once before. Your solution would simply be to not
> click on the Update button until you are ready to do so.

Yes that could work, for us we have to be very careful with the different versions as some of the G2 API calls will not be compatible with older versions.  Lucky enough Gallery2 has very complete API versioning system that will let me check for this..

Thinking out loud here, when doing a version check, we should also include in the serialised data any new version requirements, that way we can exclude new notifications if they are not relevant to the current core WP version (please ensure we got a few hooks in this update checking routine so projects like mine can do some additional checking when dealing with external applications versions as well..)

If you do not mind, I would also suggest going and chatting to the Gallery2 developers who just went through this exercise with the new Gallery2 2.2 external plugin's library

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