[wp-hackers] Extending extend/plugins

ozgreg wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Wed Apr 4 01:33:06 GMT 2007

I like the new extend/plugin concept and can see great key benefits and a bright future for it..  However I also feel the current extend structure could do with, well extending :-)

In no order . (and these are my thoughts, please add yours..)..

Looking at the range of tabs (Description, Installation, FAQ, Screenshot, Other Notes and Statistics) to me we are missing at least one more major tab, changelog (and I can certainly think of a few other tabs I would like to see as well.)

Just from discussions in this forum, I can see a number of new subprojects being wrapped around the extend/plugin and would hate to see people going off into different paths to ultimately get the same result. I would rather have everything as a standard rather than 3 different ways to do update notifications (for example)

I also have some concerns over the most popular category because.. 
A) it appears to me that the most popular is simply the total downloads which will favour the projects that have been around the longest rather than the most downloads for say a week which is always a better indication of what is popular.  
B) I also feel the most popular should be linked to a tag rather than say than just a total number of downloads (as plugin's distributed  in core (like Akismet) will always feature heavily and skew the result of what really is popular vs what everyone has distributed by default)

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