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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Apr 3 14:51:53 GMT 2007

> anyway.  So it doesn't matter. For sites that I have raised access on,
> I
> raise that bar.  And I also have several core extra strong passwords
> for
> sites that I admin or sites that have financial repercussions.  And
> those I
> change periodically.

> more paranoid I get.  The web was much safer back in the early 90s when
> just
> geeks were on it.  We at least followed a code in what we did and did
> not
> do.  Just as most folks on this list do now.  Most all of us know ways
> to do
> damage to other's sites, but don't do them.

You read my mind!

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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