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Tue Apr 3 14:24:24 GMT 2007

I have a rule: I only repeat my username/pass combo if I know for fact that
the site uses encryption.

For instance, IPB, vBulletin, MyTopix, MyBB - I trust these, because it
encrypts the password in the DB.

For sites I know for a fact don't use encryption in the DB (like eBlah, some
punBB) or sites I don't know about, I use unique passwords.

It's not fail-proof, esp. since you can hook into the pre-encryption or
login methods and dump the raw password, but it's a fairly reliable method

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> "I don't know and wouldn't trust the admins of 98% of the sites I sign
> up at
> -- forums, for example."
> But if you use a username/password combo that you've used on any other
> site,
> you are trusting them like it or not.
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