[wp-hackers] Wordpress Event Viewer Plugin

Michael Dale email at dalegroup.net
Tue Apr 3 14:30:42 GMT 2007

When this matures, you should add temp IP banning and etc. :)  I'm not sure
  account disabling after x failed attempts is good or not.  I always thought
  that would be a great attack vector on a site.  Kind of a new kind of DOS
  attack.  The site is no good if no one can log in, including the admin.
    I've thought about it, but at this stage I just want an event viewer, I don't want it to do anything on top of that. Think of it like the windows event viewer.

But I can see that being a useful feature, so maybe a different plugin based off this one.

Here is a screen shot of the plugin:


P.S thanks for your feedback.

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