[wp-hackers] proxy support

Tom Mount tmountjr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 13:19:56 GMT 2007

I've been using WP for a few years now and decided to try to give back
some time and effort to the project by testing the SVN versions on a
testbed box and keeping up with the hackers and testers lists. One of
the first problems I ran into is that my testbed box is behind a
corporate proxy and therefore can't automatically connect to my live
blog (I use the testbed and FeedWordPress to mirror the live site so I
know in advance what's going to happen to the live site when a new
version rolls out). After digging around a while in the code I made a
few modifications to my wp-config.php file to match some changes I
made to functions.php, class-snoopy.php, and others. I made a Trac
ticket (#4011 - http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4011) and uploaded my
patches, but I can't do much testing (beyond confirming that it works
with my setup), since I can't reconfigure my proxy on a whim to use
HTTP authentication, etc. I figured either here or testing would be
the place to get feedback, but since testing looks more like a place
to test official updates to the codebase and not user-created
enhancements/plugins, I decided to go here. Feel free to redirect the
n00b as necessary.

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