[wp-hackers] bug #3563 -> Buttonsnap Milestone Moved..

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Apr 1 13:32:54 GMT 2007

ozgreg wrote:
> I noticed that the broken buttonsnap (bug 3563) milestone has been moved to 2.3 the 03/27/07 16:54:38 changed by foolswisdom..
> I am still fighting the aftermath of button changes since WP 2.1 any chance we can get the milestone moved back to 2.2 and save a whole lot of headaches for us plugin authors?

Yes.  You need to champion the ticket:

Lloyd Budd wrote:
 > The target release date for WordPress 2.2 is less than a month away,
 > April 23rd.
 > I am bumping non-severe tickets out of 2.2 .
 > If it has a patch, I am bumping it to 2.3 .
 > If it does not, I am bumping it to 2.4 .
 > If I bump something, feel free to champion that ticket getting into
 > 2.2. Express in the ticket why the issue is more severe than the
 > ticket currently reflects.

See if you can work on a patch if it doesn't already have one.

Peter Westwood

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