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Brian Layman wrote:
> I agree with that sentiment! However I don't understand the concern about
> the Berkeley DB backend.  Is there an inherent stability issue with BDB?  Or
> are you people just concerned about the info being in a DB rather than a
> file system?  StarTeam, the versioning system with which I'm most familiar,
> stores your versioning info in a MS SQL* db.  That just means that your
> backup procedure has to include the database.  There are plenty of mission
> critical operations that depend on MS SQL DB data never being lost.  So,
> after implementing our procedures (RAID (grin), Backups and etc), we feel
> quite safe and haven't lost any code since the switch over to MySQL.
> *You could also use other backends like MS Access if you REALLY want to
> stress that backup system... When our StarTeam system was setup in the mid
> 90s we used MS Access and definitely had corruptions over the years...  But
> then again, that's one thing large Access DBs are known for...
You're not looking at this as an engineer.  Backups run nightly, meaning
that it's quite possible to lose up to and including an entire working
day's worth of work.  Most use cvs as a real-time backup option,
checking in intermediate versions/working copies of stuff that's only
halfway to compilation-ready status so that they can have the security
of knowing they have copies out the wazoo ready to fall back on. In
these situations, falling back to last night's tape is cold comfort for
engineers who lost 4 man-hours of blood, sweat n' tears to a protracted
fight with gcc.

CVS lets said engineers get at the raw files and diffs which could
theoretically allow them to reconstruct a valid codebase BY HAND,
whereas SVN uses binary files or DBs to obscure the code in such a
fashion as to make such by-hand reconstructions difficult, to say the least.

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