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>> Just a thought - does SVN support HTTP redirects? If so, instead of
>> "reporting" the location with a REST service, you could simply do a
>> HTTP redirect from a fixed url
>> (http://static.wordpress.org/svn/latest) to the latest tag.
> Unfortunately not, Jeremy.
> It's not a "web server" so to speak, it's a version-control system. Technically speaking, whatever file you put in there will be treated as a static file (with some svn-specific things), so even if it is hosted on Apache or whatnot, it'll treat .htaccess files as data in its own way...
> I use it to sync .htaccess files across servers as a matter of fact ;-)

AFAIK, SVN does NOT store the individual source files (nor their
sequential diffs) as actual files on the filesystem ala CVS; rather, it
uses a Berkeley DB backend or binary files on-disk to encapsulate the
repo data.  This has been one of the reasons we haven't seen massive
adoption of SVN internally - there's a fear that, if something goes
wrong, there's no way to even attempt to rescue a few of the most
important files in the same way that CVS, RCS or even SCCS (*shudder*) do.

Engineers are a skittish lot and really prefer that you not lose their
hard work, thankyouverymuch.  *grin*

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