Editor tab titles was( Re: [wp-hackers] Tabbed Editor )

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Wed Sep 27 23:59:24 GMT 2006

Charles wrote:
>>>> How about the front page route? "Design" and "Code".
>>> That's nice, and similar language is used by Dreamweaver and other
>>> dual-mode editors.
>> One important thing I sometimes struggle to remember in design is
>> that I are not my user, and in this case neither are Dreamweaver or
>> Front Page users.
> No, but anyone who's created any content for the web before will find the
> terms familiar and understandable, and anyone who hasn't won't touch the one
> labeled "code".
> -- Charles
I guess you're right. People don't touch 'code' until the know what it 
Well, some do - you may have seen the horrific results some time.
I guess 'Normal' and 'Code' would be simple and useful.

Those who not code will find WYSIWYG normal and those who do code will 
find code normal.


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