[wp-hackers] Firefox vs. WP

Roland Haeder webmaster at mxchange.org
Wed Sep 27 23:07:11 GMT 2006

Another strange thing: Even with the default theme there is not the title from 
the blog in title bar. The title in tab bar of the blog is fine. You can 
reproduce it:

- Open your blog and click around.
- Open another new tab and enter e.g. http://www.wordpress.org
- Switch back to your blog-tab.
- The title in main title is not changning
- Open another new tab and enter an other URL, e.g. http://www.akismet.com
- The title changes to akismet's title.
- Now switch through these tree tabs. When your blog is activated the main 
title remains in the previous title.

This can't be a bug in FF (or maybe? does someone have an older version????) 
because with any other pages (maybe not with other WP blogs) it goes fine.


On Thursday, 28. September 2006 00:55, Denis de Bernardy wrote:
> Mind elaborating a bit? This is one of the more annoying problems with
> WordPress. Some kind of documented "what to fix" would be very nice.
> Denis

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