[wp-hackers] Can some spot check me on this...

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Wed Sep 27 19:44:56 GMT 2006

When 2.0.4 came out I did a post called "Upgrade your sites to the latest
WordPress in 35 seconds.".  It's found at
http://www.thecodecave.com/article243.  I now have a much more updated
version of the script that has a variables section at the top of the script
so that there's only one place that needs to change, optional backups to be
made of the original files, support for blogs running in the "wordpress"
directory, comments (gasp), a password parameter to prevent accidentally
execution, an option to get the nightly build instead of the latest stable
release, and a few more optimizations and improvements.

Now, I want to make certain that I won't be helping people shoot themselves
in the foot if I promote this when 2.0.5 comes out.  With the plugins I use,
I've been able to automatically update three of my sites without disabling
their plugins first.  Other people who use this script have reported the

Yet, I don't have any proof that some plugins don't require a disable and
re-enable.  It seems to me that you wouldn't need to disable anything, but
I'd rather ask for confirmation than find out, after the fact, that I'm
wrong on this... 

Please ignore the issue that some plugins required manual PHP changes - I've
addressed that already in the Warnings section.  What I'd like to know,
specifically, is if anyone knows of issues that occur when updating WP
without first disabling all active plugins.  I can write a routine that will
disable the active plugins and then re-enable them after the site is
updated....if I have to.  But I'd just as soon keep it simple and not have
any web interaction with the running site.  

So I'm asking, in short: Is this method flawed, or does it, fundamentally,
look OK to you?
Brian Layman

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