[wp-hackers] Thoughts on Ultimate Tag Warrior

Florian Kriener florian at leflo.de
Tue Sep 26 20:12:29 GMT 2006

I'm absolutly against introducing tags to WordPress, because they are the same 
as categories. Having two systems doing the same is something very nasty, I 

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 21:49, Andy Beard wrote:
> I would like it introduced (partially) within the core.
> Currently the only way I can sensibly use Wordpress with the plugin
> choices I want to use is to post using a 3rd party application which
> is capable of supplying the same keywords to multiple of plugins.
> Thus supplying the same keywords for
> Tags
> Pictures
> Various advertising sources
> Social Bookmarking (well maybe in the future)
> Etc etc
> Thus I would like some way of defining keywords relating to a post
> globally, and for the global data to be available to the plugins.
> Keywords should be possible to define remotely, either through xml-rpc
> or with something simple like <tags>keyword, key word, keyword
> keyword</tag> at the top of a post. (you need to be able to change it
> at a later date)
> Honestly I haven't used UTW
> When I setup my last blog, it was decided to use Taggerati
> http://www.i-marco.nl/wp/wordpress/
> The reason for this at the time was that UTW didn't support adding
> keywords within a post. It only supported the default online editor. I
> think Simpletags supported offline as well, but didn't have other
> functions.
> Currently you can have RSS feeds for categories, but I don't think
> anyone offers it for multiple tag selections (not sure if this is even
> technically viable)
> Tagging has a lot of benefits for SEO - it automatically creates lots
> of highly focused niche pages, each of which would currently be looked
> at as fairly unique by the search engines. 100 tagged posts can quite
> easily generate 300-500 additional niched pages of content.
> If tagging could be linked with an aLink plugin for links within the
> content (using the same keyword list), it would be great for
> crosslinking between posts.
> Thus introduce a common data table for keywords, even if tag authors
> still keep their own custom data tables for how certain tags are to be
> represented on the pages.
> Andy Beard
> p.s. I just design plugins, my programmers have to shoehorn it into code
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