[wp-hackers] Thoughts on Ultimate Tag Warrior

Andy Beard list.andy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 19:49:13 GMT 2006

I would like it introduced (partially) within the core.

Currently the only way I can sensibly use Wordpress with the plugin
choices I want to use is to post using a 3rd party application which
is capable of supplying the same keywords to multiple of plugins.

Thus supplying the same keywords for

Various advertising sources
Social Bookmarking (well maybe in the future)
Etc etc

Thus I would like some way of defining keywords relating to a post
globally, and for the global data to be available to the plugins.

Keywords should be possible to define remotely, either through xml-rpc
or with something simple like <tags>keyword, key word, keyword
keyword</tag> at the top of a post. (you need to be able to change it
at a later date)

Honestly I haven't used UTW

When I setup my last blog, it was decided to use Taggerati

The reason for this at the time was that UTW didn't support adding
keywords within a post. It only supported the default online editor. I
think Simpletags supported offline as well, but didn't have other

Currently you can have RSS feeds for categories, but I don't think
anyone offers it for multiple tag selections (not sure if this is even
technically viable)

Tagging has a lot of benefits for SEO - it automatically creates lots
of highly focused niche pages, each of which would currently be looked
at as fairly unique by the search engines. 100 tagged posts can quite
easily generate 300-500 additional niched pages of content.

If tagging could be linked with an aLink plugin for links within the
content (using the same keyword list), it would be great for
crosslinking between posts.

Thus introduce a common data table for keywords, even if tag authors
still keep their own custom data tables for how certain tags are to be
represented on the pages.

Andy Beard
p.s. I just design plugins, my programmers have to shoehorn it into code

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