[wp-hackers] Useful caching

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 24 18:40:22 GMT 2006

>The most logical thing to put in core would be *if it's writeable,
>cache the feed directly to /feed/index.xml*, so it can be served up
>without invoking PHP at all.
>I watched Typo abandon this approach on a wider scale after investing
>fairly heavily in a lot of JavaScript to make the pages not look quite
>so static. Caching actual HTML pages this way is something each user
>has to decide for themselves... but doing with the main feed makes a
>lot of sense.


This is something I actually ended up doing on one blog I maintain (with
over 750,000 feed reads a day LOL). I didn't do it through WP, but instead
used a shell script to read the feed and save the contents to the
appropriate directories as files.

Jamie Holly

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