[wp-hackers] WP 2.1 Launch and Heads-up for Plugin Developers

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sat Sep 23 08:35:12 GMT 2006

>> Are you implying that 2.1 won't be released until all 275 open
>> are resolved?
>Ideally, yes. But no one's said 2.1 is coming soon.

Agreed.  All I was really saying was that the 2.0.4 release had a date
up there, and if that procedure is followed again, you can use those
links to know when the release is weeks away.  

But to address your question: Yes, all open issues assigned to 2.1 will
be "resolved" before the release.  Now, keep in mind that, as far as a
software release  and requirement tracking is concerned, "Resolved" us
not the same thing as "Fixed".  You could "resolve" some of those 2.1
tickets by defering them to 2.2 for completion.  You can't release
something until you say it is done.  Whether you get to "done" by fixing
everything or by pushing some stuff to a later release is a management

Brian Layman 

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