[wp-hackers] Tabbed Editor

Alan J Castonguay alan at verselogic.net
Fri Sep 22 23:01:19 GMT 2006

+1 pluggable tabbed interface.

I usually use TinyMCE, and then switch to the HTML editor to enter 
<dl><dt><dd> lists (or other non-usual html) and/or fixing the 
inevitable trailing <br> tag.

With this tabbed architecture, will plugins be offered hooks by which 
they can
- add their own tab to the top of the editor block (eg: Markdown)?
- become the default editor tab without overriding the new interface?

If Post is going to be used to switch between the 
Raw/Normal/TinyMCE/Markdown/etc views, then it's relatively* simple to 
convert between formats.

Converting between formats in Javascript would be painful. Doing it with 
ajax calls which run native tested conversion functions on the webserver 
would be slower and less prone to errors.

* converting Raw => Markdown might be tricky?

Mike Purvis wrote:
> So long as it's all nice and pluggable, that's the main thing.
> I swear by Markdown on my blog; it's the perfect balance between
> readable and usable, without having to stuff every post full of
> angle-brackets.
> Mike

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